Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“Freedom of Choice!”

Living in California, I get to have the greatest selection of tequila in the United States!  And since I live so close to Tijuana, I can walk across the border and have an even better selection!  Yes, living here in SoCal is a beautiful thing.  But, I know I am very lucky and fortunate luck to not live in an Alcohol Beverage Controled state!  To have someone tell me or you that only brands X, Y, and Z are available is way beyond not cool.  It borders on being communist. If I can choose what jeans I want to wear, I can choose what brand of spirit I want to drink! Just because a certain brand doesn’t have the cash to grease your greedy pockets, does not give you the right to pick the brands that I can choose from.  And then to say that it is illegal to have someone ship spirits into said ABC state?  We are in the 21st century, not the 19th.  Prohibition is dead, the internet rules and your laws are as old and useless as a 8 track tape player!

And since I am on this subject, border states can kiss my ass too!  Saying I’m only allowed one liter of tequila from across the border every 30 days?  It’s tequila - not guns, not drugs.  If you want your want your tax money, I’ll give you your whopping $1.65 for each bottle.  In fact, I’ll make it an even $2!  Just let me fill out the paper work before I get in line and we’re all good.  And yes, it is that easy!

Mercado del Mar in Rosarito, Baja

This is Blas, he is the owner of Mercado del Mar and a really good guy!

One day, I hope to be able to shop at his, and the many other killer liquor stores in Mexico with out being hassled by the out dated liquor laws of the United states of America!

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