Sunday, November 14, 2010

A note about lot numbers and my tasting notes

Just as wine has vintages, each batch of tequila has a lot (lote in spanish) number. Depending on the amount of tequila produced and sold by each brand, lots can be similar, or vary greatly in taste, texture and intensity. Some lot numbers are hand written while others are machine stamped. In each of my tastings, I will notate the lot numbers when possible. Besides lot numbers, I will include the NOM number, which is a specific number given to a distillery by the Mexican government that (usually...more on that later) indicates where the tequila was produced.  Also, some of my tasting notes will be in depth, and some will be quick and to the point. This isn't a reflection of my thoughts of the brand, but rather my mood, time and attention allowed during the tasting. 

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