Monday, November 15, 2010

Meloza Tequila Tasting Notes

NOM 1466

I tasted all four styles of this brand rather quickly (I only had about 5 minutes to spend on each one) one evening in the summer of 2010.  Using  a champagne flute (since I'd left my Riedel at home)...

-Blanco; slammin citrus on the nose, with a bit of mint, touch of earth and black pepper.  Taste is soft but has a nice boldness, with green raw agave, a bit of sweet anise and other herbs.  the finish starts off slightly bitter then turns citrusy.

-repo; nose has honey and pepper. taste is very herbal green, black pepper.  standard mexican repo but slightly more interesting. long flat finish w/ bitter dryness.

-anejo; not much on the nose??? taste has heavy gobs of caramel.  long finish with tingling pulses.

-extra anejo; nose has lots of caramelized honey with slight bit of blk pepper and smells like a barrel room.  taste has even more caramel and has the most interesting finish of the 4 styles as id does lift up and gradually shift thru several textures -- creamy, warm, then dry with flavors from intense pepper and ends with the where it all started; the warm, sweet yet bitter taste you can only find in the fermentation vat.  

Across the board, I found this brand to be a good and tasty tequila, especially for the price.

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