Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Great Tequila Related Sites To Check Out

visit these sites to learn more about Tequila, Mezcal, Sotol, Bacanora, & Pulque - a good site with info and reviews.
In Search of the Blue Agave - for more in depth information regarding tequila production. - this is the site that started it all for me.
The Blue Agave Forum - a great forum for those who are detail oriented and a bit obsessive-compulsive, like me - LOL! Forum - a good community to talk about tequila.
Experience Tequila - our friend Clayton can give you a personal tour of the Tequila region. - our friends Grover and Scarlet give you their take on the ins and out of tequila.
Tequila Whisperer - a highly entertaining video review site by our friend Lippy.
Tequila Tracker - get the review and the story behind each brand, from our friend Bob.
Tequila Examiners - stay current with our friends Ryan and Eric.
Spirits of Mexico - a fun, great, and educational event that happens every September in San Diego.
New Mexico Tequila Tasting - one of the first tequila festivals in the United States, starts up again in 2011 after an eight year hiatus, promises to be a good time!
Monterey Tequila Festival - a fun tequila festival for those that are closer to northern California. - our friend Rachel has all the hook-ups!
Tequila Regulatory Council - this is where it all starts.

more to be added later...

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